Iron Priest

Bjorn Gurnisson, son of the wolf, born in the Iron Isles and his legacy is still linked to the steel and fangs.

Conversion based on the codex artwork made from Wolf pack sprues and Eldar (yeah eldar) vehicle bits. I painted for several days and learned a lot about how to paint Space Wolves armour.

So without other introduction:

Comments and critics are welcomed!


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  1. Could’ve sworn I’d already commented on this one…
    Love the blue w highlights, looks really nice. The gold – I’m nto so sure, I think it’s somehow a bit greenish, but that may be due to photos/monitor.
    I do have one tiny critique – the mechanical arm looks… obviously non-Imperial (I love how the paint-job turned out on it too – drybrush, wash, drybrush highlights?). You really should pump some creativity into it and make up a story of how he got that arm after some battle with xenos on a far-flung world at the edge of the Imperium. 😀

  2. good idea for the xenos mechanical arm :).
    i have to redo some of the facial features (the lips bad lob i done).

  3. the painting on the arm is simpler: mithril silver straight layer, then wash with black ink from abundance controlling the flow of the ink (do it by parts and wait for it to dry) and where is needed weak drybrush with silver.

    actually i love the new gold paint from GW. Way better than the old one

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